19 Februari 2012

Speaking Skills

Asking Questions

Many post beginner to lower intermediate students are quite capable of expressing their ideas reasonably well. However, they often run into problems when asking questions. This is due to a number of causes: i.e., teachers are the ones that usually ask questions, the inversion of the auxiliary verb and subject can be especially tricky for many students. This simple lesson focuses specifically on the question form and helping students gain skill while switching tenses in the question form.
Aim: Improving speaking confidence when using question forms
Activity: Intensive auxiliary review followed by student gap question exercises.
Level: Lower-intermediate
  • Focus on auxiliary verb usage by making a number of statements in tenses the students are familiar with. Ask students to identify the auxiliary verb in each case.
  • Ask a student or students to explain the underlying scheme of the object question form (i.e., ? word Auxiliary Subject Verb). Have students give a number of examples in different tenses.
  • Split students up into pairs. Distribute worksheet and ask students to ask an appropriate questions for the given answer taking turns.
  • Follow-up check of questions either by circulating through the student pairs or as a group.
  • Ask students to each take the second exercise (one for Student A the other for Student B) and complete the gaps by asking their partner for the missing information.
  • Solidify question forms by quickly playing a verb inversion game using the various tenses (i.e., Teacher: I live in the city. Student: Where do you live? etc.)

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